Bugs & Cycles

Bugs & Cycles

Do you catch a Bug?

Or do you let it in?


How do we weaken our defences?

The season is changing here in the UK. The pace of Life is adjusting and shifting away from outward activity. It’s an invitation to slow down, reflect, and go within. 

For example, an experienced gardener will move from harvesting to preparing for the cold phase, with tasks like preserving the harvest, clearing up and sharpening/oiling tools. This cycle happens over the span of a year, but a similar one occurs over a 24-hour period, with the waking up from the cold night. Morning light and the increasing warmth restart the flow of energy and activity. Hopefully followed by reaping some benefits from our efforts. Then as we reach the end of our day, activity slows, we unwind, light decreases, and the cold evening brings on sleep. Eventually, our subconscious starts sorting out our experiences, and our body goes into repair and maintenance.


Respecting these cycles allows our bodies to adapt and adjust to the new phases. When the energy flow decreases, demanding the same output as a month ago (or a few hours ago) will only steal it from other critical areas. So when that wave of tiredness rises in you during your busy workday at this time of year, it’s helpful to remember that it’s okay to close the office door and relax with a cup of tea or maybe even a quick nap. Of course, taking moments like these is not a guarantee of immunity, but it sure reduces the risk of catching something. Or if you do, it will more likely reduce the time to clear it. 

As practitioners, we know the importance of staying in sync, yet the busyness of our lives sometimes gets us to forget this, and the consequences often lead to a forced slowdown. 

(I’m writing this as I’m just coming out of a few days of forced rest and a snotty nose). 


Longer Cycles

Is the world entering winter?

Though the number of people in hunger and danger has decreased for decades (link), many experience division and intolerance. 

In addition, the economy is facing uncertainties, and it seems like many will struggle this winter.

I doubt whether it’s helpful for the news to remind us of the crises continuously, yet I do think it wise to take a step back and assess what’s happening from a higher altitude.


What is this growing tension in the background? Is it a passing storm, or is it linked to a more profound shift?


As mentioned above, there are cycles within cycles, and it looks like a more extended timeframe cycle is currently also at play.

At the beginning of the last century, we had a pandemic, an economic crisis, and a series of wars. Followed by a long period of growth, incredible innovation, and abundance for many. Could this be the early signs of a change in the long-term season? (ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xguam0TKMw8)


Either way, as practitioners in the field of wellbeing, how do we prepare for this? How can we be of real help to our clients? Especially those most affected by these destabilising changes.

The best way to catch a cold is to ignore the change in season and carry on as if it’s summer. Also, becoming depressed or wanting to fight the rising difficulties will likely waste one’s energy and weaken resilience.

Furthermore, hibernation might be an option for bears, but having an attitude of “just trying to get through it” is unlikely to work well.


Fight it or use it?

How can we use these challenging times as a catalyst to bring about much-needed change? What to do to survive these difficult times, become more resilient, and then thrive as inevitable growth will follow?

In the hidden ancient repositories of holistic health and Life wisdom, like Ayurveda, Unani, TCM etc., there are tools available to guide us during challenging times. We all have access to this wisdom. But, just like with the old technology called a radio, to hear the radio station clearly, you first had to switch it on and then carefully tune it into the right wavelength.



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