What we tolerate

What we tolerate

What we tolerate

Have you ever noticed that sometimes humans are not able to shift their habits/lifestyle? Even if intellectually everything is clear that their life sooner or later will depend on it?

Have you noticed that sometimes health conditions, relationship issues, negative thought patterns ease off when we go away on holiday? 

We all live on a base platform that starts off being one our parents provide, then one we create and later adjust for partners and children. 

That base platform is our “environment”. What we tolerate, becomes our life. 

Taking supplements and herbs doesn’t really change our base, even changing our diet and starting to exercise is only a small shift. Making changes in who, how and what we invest our time and energy has a much bigger impact. Self-improvement upgrades require to go deep. 

Many of those close to us don’t like these major shifts and will resist, and some of those will be inspired to do the same upgrade.

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