About Us

Welcome to IRISLAB, where our mission transcends the mere development of iridology equipment. We are pioneers committed to advancing the field of iridology for practitioners and researchers alike. Our dedication to quality and innovation has not only met but exceeded our goals, positioning us as a global supplier of top-tier iriscopes.

Our Core Team: The Backbone of IRISLAB

At the heart of IRISLAB lies a dynamic team of health aficionados and IT virtuosos, each playing a crucial role in our success:

Matthew D'haemer, Co-Founder and Lead Engineer: Merging his engineering acumen with his naturopathy practice, Matthew sparked the evolution of iridology equipment, making iris analysis both accessible and efficient. Explore his dedicated work at .



IRISLAB was born from a profound desire to delve into the depths of health and life through a holistic and integrative approach to natural health, with Iridology playing a pivotal role in this journey.

If you find yourself engrossed in this webpage, I imagine your first encounter with iridology might have sparked a sense of awe, leaving you thinking, "Wow, this is amazing." And perhaps, as you delved deeper into your course, you found yourself pondering, "Isn't there a tool more efficient than a magnifying glass?"

Let's acknowledge a simple truth: scrutinizing the intricate details of the iris is challenging. The iris presents a vast landscape of detail, making it difficult to capture and record.

A decade ago, iridology equipment was synonymous with either exorbitant costs or subpar quality—occasionally, both. Discovering iridology in 2003, I quickly realised the need for a more convenient method to analyse the iris. Without it, practitioners and students faced significant hurdles in gaining essential experience due to limited access to quality iriscopes, often leading to reduced usage of iridology and fewer opportunities for valuable learning.

Before embarking on my path as a Naturopath, my background in engineering provided me with a unique perspective: crafting a high-quality iriscope wasn't as complex as it seemed. This revelation set me on the quest to create the best iridology equipment in the market.



 Florence D'haemer
Administrative Assistant and Family Coordinator
Epitomizing the balance between professional excellence and family life, Florence serves as a part-time assistant and a dedicated full-time mum, showcasing the harmony between career aspirations and familial responsibilities.



    Mike and Stephie MacDonald,
IT Systems and Project Management Experts:
Our IT system specialists and programmers who enhance IRISLAB’s operational efficiency, ensuring seamless project execution and peak performance.




Quimmier Bulatao
Lead Web Developer:
The architect behind our intuitive and powerful online presence, Quimmier leverages the latest in technology and design to ensure IRISLAB stands out in the digital landscape.



Our collaboration extends internationally, involving consultants from France, the UK, Ukraine, and China, each bringing specialized knowledge in naturopathy, IT, and technical innovation to the table.


 Our Inspirational Journey

IRISLAB was born from a genuine passion for delving into the depths of health through the comprehensive lens of iridology. Recognizing the limitations posed by traditional iridology methods, our founder was driven to find a solution that was both high quality and accessible. This led to the development of our renowned iriscopes, which have significantly advanced iridology practice worldwide.

IRISLAB's support for a green future

Our health & that of the environment.

IRISLAB’s commitment goes beyond iridology equipment. We are dedicated to fostering environmental sustainability through various initiatives:

  • Employing environmentally friendly packaging solutions.
  • Prioritizing land shipping or opting for carbon-neutral transportation methods.
  • Partnering with Good Energy to ensure our electricity is 100% renewable and our gas usage has a minimized carbon footprint.


Join Our Mission

IRISLAB is not solely about providing cutting-edge iridology equipment; we are building a community of practitioners, researchers, and advocates united in their pursuit of holistic health and environmental stewardship. We invite you to join us on this journey to explore the immense possibilities of iridology and contribute towards a healthier, more sustainable world.

We are continually exploring ways to enhance our sustainability efforts and warmly welcome any suggestions from our community.