IrisLab Iridology Equipment: Rave Reviews and Testimonials


‘The iriscope is superb, I’m very happy with it.’
Julian Allaire, ND, Naturopathe & Presentateur TV en Sante Naturelle, Marseille
A really nice design, works very well. Really an excellent product. A remarkable and simple to use setup!’
Dr Eric Blake, Naturopath & Acupunture Practitioner, Clinic Director, Portland, USA


I'd love some time to chat and be able to run some of the features on my camera better - mostly though wanted to say that I love it!

Christos Miliankos - IIPA President 

‘Matthew has done an amazing job of taking what could be very complex information, making it easy to understand and conveying exactly what an iridologist would need to know to take excellent iridology photos. Since buying the Irislab I60, I’ve had so many people saying oh my goodness, what camera are you using?

I am advising my students to get theIEv4 from Irislab, that’s exciting to me because it means we can get students into quality equipment sooner.’

Judith Cobb - IIPA Registered Iridology Trainer

‘Irislab produce the best equipment around, it’s the Creme de la Creme’.

Angela Bradbury - Vice President, GNI

My new Irislab camera is superb - I recently took it on a teaching trip to Malaysia and I took incredible photos of very dark Hematogenic irises. My students were blown away by how much detail there is in their 'dark eyes'. I'm loving my new camera - such crisp images and so easy to use.’

Christos Miliankos - IIPA President