Understanding Iridology: A Holistic Approach to Health

What is iridology?

Iridology is a non-invasive method that examines the iris to provide a holistic view of a person's health and potential health concerns.

What can iridology do?

Iridology uses iris examination to identify potential health issues and guide lifestyle adjustments, complementing traditional medical practices.

What can iridology not do?

Iridology cannot diagnose specific diseases or predict future health issues. It shouldn't be used as a standalone method for health assessment but should complement traditional medical practices.

What is iridology particularly good at?

Iridology excels at providing a holistic view of a person's overall health, identifying potential areas of concern, and guiding lifestyle adjustments for better wellbeing.

What is iridology less good at?

Iridology is less effective at diagnosing specific diseases or predicting future health concerns. It should be used as a supplementary tool in health assessment rather than a standalone method.

What's required to progress the understanding of iridology?

To advance our understanding of iridology, we need continuous research, enhanced educational resources, and technology like iriscope for precise iris examination.

Do you really need an iriscope to practice iridology?

While it's possible to practice iridology without an iriscope, using one enhances the precision of iris examination, thereby improving the accuracy of health assessments.