2020 Special offer


Discount for everyone

Due to the different lockdown measures, we've had a number of delays in our work. With our manufacturer, we have negotiated a reduced price on the delayed batch of units. (limited to 19 units).
Discount of 10% on our IrisExplorer v5 equipment  (whole iriscope or Lighting only

We're also preparing something special for recent clients that experienced delays. There's also something for everyone.

Upgrade to Version 5 for existing clients

Thank you for being an earlier customer from us. We're very grateful you chose to use our earlier version. We'd like to make it possible for you to access our latest technology. This applies to any of our earlier iriscopes, no matter how old it is or what condition it is in. 

(Note: The upgrade is only for the iris lighting system, the IrisExplorer. It doesn't include any other parts, like the camera or macro lens.)

(If you bought a version 5 in the last few months and were affect by delays, feel free to contact us, we're working on something special, and we have something special in mind for you)

Free for everyone

If you've read the newsletter/blog and this page all the way down to here you must be enthusiastic 😁. Here is our downloadable irismap (normally £10) completely free. Click these links

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Have a great day!!!

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