Christmas 2016 IE Upgrade Offer

Irislab is committed to supporting it's customers with the best in iridology equipment and training. As a thank you to all the customers who have supported us in the past, we have put together what we think is an irresistible offer.

Christmas Iriscope Upgrade

Upgrade your previous version IE this Christmas for only £355 and get your Iridology practice off to a great start in 2017.

PLUS we are throwing in a FREE Advanced Iridology course - short of delivering your new Iriscope in person via your chimney, we can't think of a better way to wish you a Happy Christmas...

4 Great Reasons to Upgrade Now:

  1. £ exchange rate - Effective 20% discount compared to this time last year
  2. Free Advanced Iridology Course ‘Iridology in Naturopathy’. This is the first post graduate Iridology Course to systematise the experience in Iridology and Naturopathy garnered by Matthew D’haemer over 20 years. From 2017 this course will retail at £90, you can have your advance copy absolutely free on us.
  3. £300 Discount Against Normal RRP
  4. Free shipping – as if that wasn’t enough, shipping won't cost you a penny...


(Note: Your new IrisExplorer v4 will be shipped when we have received your old IrisExplorer lighting system.)

Why Upgrade to the I.e 4?

Testimonial 1

The I.E. 4 is designed to work with the best camera for this application, it is also designed to provide the very best light source.

Compared to the previous versions of the IrisExplorer, the IE v4 is able to give more detail, more information and ultimately a clearer diagnosis. Compared to the IEv3, the difference is not too noticable, but comparison to the v2 and previous IrisExplorer versions, we feel the difference is worth having. You also gain the peace of mind of receiving a brand new unit, with a brand new warranty.

For the low price of £295, including an Advanced Iridology Course worth £90, you really can't go wrong.

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FREE Advanced Iridology Course

This is the first post graduate Iridology course to systematise Matthews 15 years experience in Iridology and Naturopathy.

Topics covered will be:

* Iridology until now

* Current issues with iridology and natural health

* Are we thinking holistically enough?

* Weeding and watering

* The 21st century trends that will affect us all

* Health insurance & the medical system

* Will holistic health practitioners replace the mainstream?

 (Note: Delivery of the course will be in January 2017).

Why Buy From IrisLab?

We offer a 100% Money back guarantee so you are sure to be happy!

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Why Buy Now?

We think the course is already excellent value as it is priced at only £187, enjoy learning more about your field of expertise and make a worthwhile saving in the process.

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(Note: Your new IrisExplorer v4 will be shipped when we have received your old IrisExplorer lighting system.)

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