Payments & Currencies

Accepted Currencies:

- Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard, Amex.
- Bank card   ( GBP only ) *
- Paypal    ( GBP only ) *
- Bank transfer   ( GBP - USD - EUR ) * 

  Bitcoin  (available in checkout)
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* Our main Currency:  GBP

All payments made by Bank Debit cards, Credit cards & Paypal, will be made in GBP. (We're in the UK)

However if your currency is USD or EUR we also use these currencies, thus have accounts in them. This enables us to accept payments by bank transfer in USD & EUR.
(Only possible with Standard Bank Transfers !!! ). 
(This most likely will reduce your bank fees as there will be no exchange fee)


How to use USD / EUR

  • Add products to cart, then click to checkout. 
  • Select "Bank Transfer" as payment option. 
  • Use to calculate the total GBP amount (incl. shipping) into USD or EUR. 
  • Order your bank to make a transfer for this amount to one of our USD or EUR accounts. 

(Bank details : here, in checkout & sent by email).  


Other Currencies :

If your main currency is different to those above : We highly recommend this currency exchange company TransferWise.
We use them for all our exchange needs as they offer the best rates we've seen. They are backed by reputable investors and big name companies and have had great service from them. They handle most currencies, but check on their site.

(This link offers you 1 free transfer : )

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