IrisExplorer v4 for 60mm

What is the IrisExplorer V4 ?

The IrisExplorer is our most advanced iris Lighting System. We have improved the lighting to reveal even more details particularly with respect to Dark Irises and Inner Pupilary Border (IPB)


  • Iris lighting device (IrisExplorer v4)
  • Adaptor tube
  • Macro extension tube
  • 2mm Allen Key

      1. High quality photo ensures the sharpness and true colours preserved
      2. Focusing is automatic, a few seconds to photograph both irises makes it easy & quick to use.
      3. Cuts out most of the ambient light, thus less light pollution
      4. Lateral lighting (optional) brings out certain types of structural details
      5. Microchip controlled lighting On/Off with Left/Right & Dim
      6. Specialised (Pulse-Modulated) LEDs: Giving a soft and perfect white colour caste, which interacts correctly with the camera settings to reveal the maximum detail
      7. Designed for both blue & brown irises
      8. Front opening fits all morphologies (adults & children)
      9. Comfortable & hygienic
      10. Robust design, for repeated clinic & lab use over many years
    • Canon are synonymous with high quality photos and the IE lighting is specifically designed to be compatible with their lens and bodies.
      The 60mm Macro lens is perfect for the task. Mounted on any Canon DSLR, the IE lighting will enable sharp photos which are true to the real colours of the iris.

      You can buy the all package I60 (camera + Canon 60mm Macro + iris lighting device + adaptor tubes + Carry bag + SD memory card) here.
      1. Pulse-Modulated Intensity control 'PMC 3 Technology'* Gives soft, yet strong light with Dimming option for sensitive patients
      2. PMC-3 Technology = Pulse Microchip Control 3nd Generation (Details)
      3. Pulse-Modulated Intensity = Light is pulsed at high frequency, invisible for our eyes, this reducing the feeling of brightness but the camera still gets 100% light intensity. Electronically controlling the length of the pulses, creates a dimming effect that has no effect on the colour of the light and low impact on camera sensitivity. (See video for a more detailed explanation)
      1. 127 g & 187 g (with 60mm lens adaptor tube & macro ext tube)
      2. 125 x 68 x 104 mm (with no adaptor tube)
    • Any computer that enables you to view digital photos is enough. It doesn't make a difference if you're using Windows, Mac or Linux. If the computer is very old (or very slow) it might not be practical for use in a clinic, so as long as the computer works well for most other uses it will work for this purpose also.

      However, we do recommend a screen size of at least 13" as this makes viewing photos easier (15" or more is better), the higher the resolution of the screen the better.

      1. Mac: The standard “Preview” software is great... so just transfer the photos from the camera to a folder on your computer and double click the image.
        (More advanced software, like iphoto, Aperture from Apple, are great for more advanced users).
      2. Windows: Same as above, the standard software is great... so just transfer the photos from the camera to a folder on your computer and double click the image.
        (Note:there are hundreds of advanced and intermediate software options on windows)
    • IEv4 : Standard 9v square battery (easy to change & 100% safe)

      At full power the LEDs in the IrisExplorer are designed to last 100 000 hours. In this application they don't run at full power so can be expected to last a fair bit longer. There is an automatic light-off feature after 10mins in case you forget to switch off the lights, so in the worst case scenario where you never switch it off manually you should be able to use it on more than 600 000 patients...
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