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Hardware Upgrade Offer

Upgrade your current version IrisExplorer to version 5

Thank you for being an earlier customer from us. We'd like to make it possible for you to access our latest technology. This applies to any of our earlier iriscopes, no matter how old it is.

NB: This offer is a part exchange offer. This means we'll need to receive your older version so we can upgrade it to the newer IrisExplorer lighting system.

NB: The upgrade is only for the iris lighting system IrisExplorer. It doesn't include any other parts, like the camera or macro lens. 


Do I need to upgrade?

The IrisExplorer v5 is our most advanced lighting system. It was specifically designed to make it more comfortable for your clients but still take excellent iris photos.
It's particularly good for observing Dark Irises and the Inner Pupillary Border (IPB). The feedback we have been receiving from our many experienced practitioners has been tremendous. 

If you have the IEv4 you'll notice it's less bright and more comfortable for the subject. 
If you have version 1 ,2 or 3, you will notice a good step up in clarity and detail on all types of irises with this upgrade.

Why are we offering this upgrade?

For over 12 years we've been aiming to design an iriscope that creates for the highest quality iris photos. We feel we've reached the quality level and ease of use we've been aiming for.

We're very grateful you chose to use our earlier versions of the iriscopes, especially our early adopters with v1 & v2 Iris Explorers and we're keen to enable you to have the latest and best iriscope available.

Upgrade Requirements:

This is an upgrade offer and thus requires the older version of the IrisExplorer lighting system to be sent back to us.

Upgrading now gains you a brand new warranty on your IrisExplorer v5.
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