Iris Microscope Portable

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Iris Microscope - Portable

Real True Colour 3D viewing experience


The IrisExplorer v4 is mounted on a 15x magnification "true stereo" microscope with high quality lenses specially designed to observe the iris.
It is very impressive to see the iris in such a natural, but highly magnified way. 
High quality equipment:
  • A separate microscope for each eyepiece, retaining normal viewing angle for a real 3D depth.
  • High quality eye pieces
  • Independent fine-tuning to perfectly match your eyes
  • 15x Magnification
  • Easy to Transport
Real 3D Vision:
This optimal angle at which your eyes are looking at the subject allows the best combination of high depth of focus for 3D viewing.
Even with significant depth of field variation, the iris can be brought into focus from pupil border to iris border, for fast and accurate inspection. 
This enables real time, real 3D, high magnification observation of the iris.
(This approach works much better than other types of microscope which split a single viewing image into both of the viewers eyes, only giving a view without 3D depth perception).
High quality viewing:
Quick and comfortable observation is ensured by this specialised eyepiece design, featuring pupil aberration control & positioning of the eye point (Distance between eyes). Superior optics and lighting render true colour images with sharp detail. 


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