An Iriscope is an instrument designed to make the iris easier to see, either for viewing in real time or in order to take a photograph for later viewing.

There are two types of iriscope:

  • A 'Microscope Type'designed to be used in real time;

  • The 'Camera Type' designed for photography.

Why use an Iriscope?

The iris is small, shiny and sensitive and therefore difficult to magnify and analyse. To see it clearly and in detail requires bright, but not harsh, perfectly white light. The IrisExplorer v4 (IEv4) provides exactly that. 

The IEv4 was specifically designed for achieving sharp pictures and to preserve colour.

The LEDs pulse perfectly coloured light at ultra high frequency, providing a high level of light while at the same time preserving the comfort of your patients.

The IrisExplorer v4 is designed to work either with on a macro lens with a camera or with a microscope.

More details on our Iriscopes are available on the individual Iriscope pages.