IrisMapper v4 Beta - Advanced Iris Mapping Software

Welcome to IrisMapper v4 Beta

IrisMapper v4 Beta

Discover the power of advanced iris mapping with IrisMapper v4 Beta. Enhance your diagnostic capabilities and provide clearer explanations to your clients with this innovative tool.

IrisMapper v4 Beta

Access Instructions


  • Sign Up: Begin by signing up for IrisMapper.
  • Bookmark the Page: Once on the IrisMapper page, bookmark it in your internet browser for easy access next time. (Chrome is recommended for the best experience).



    Video Demo

    (old video, so not up to date):


    Watch our demo video to get a quick overview of IrisMapper. Please note that this is an older video and may not reflect the latest features and updates.

    Using IrisMapper

    The IrisMapper tool is integrated within the Health Data Lab software, allowing you to capture your screen image and overlay it with an iris map. This feature is invaluable for diagnostic purposes and simplifies the process of explaining complex information to your clients.


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    Image Instructions

    Irislab Irismapper Image Instruction

    For detailed instructions on how to use IrisMapper with images, visit our comprehensive guide.
    Irislab Irismapper Image Instruction