Managing your health practice?

HDL gives you professional tools 

Over recent years we have discovered that the biggest needs among natural health practitioners, is a practice management system designed with them in mind. 

Next month we are releasing stage 1 of our new practice management software HealthDataLab (HDL).

This platform will empower the natural health professionals, bringing clinical and diagnostic services up until now only available to mainstream allopathic medicine.

Talking to thousands of natural health workers over the years has lead us to the following thinking:

  • Most natural health practitioners work in isolation
  • Lack access to
    • a rich source of senior expertise
    • An easy-to-use database of clinical histories, treatment plans & results (clinical data)
    • A specialised social networking platform, specifically designed for professional natural health workers to share.
  • Effective health professionals in many cases still struggle financially and can tremendously benefit from learning some sector-specific business skills.


Help is on the way! 

Next month we will be releasing stage 1 of our HDL suite.  It addresses the needs most often expressed by the community we serve 

From there expect:

  • Stage 1:
    • Automate online booking system
    • Phase 1 health client management system
  • Stage 2:
    • Session Notes connected to an automatic text-snippet system -  designed for practitioners to maximize focus on the client rather than being entangled in the tools
    • A clinical database to help practitioners to arrive at effective recommendations based on real-world experience of other practitioners 
  • Stage 3: 
    • and much more...

In the coming months, we expect to publish a detailed roadmap.


If you want to test our Beta version (for now it's only the booking system), please fill this form:








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