About Us

IRISLAB's aim is to develop the best quality iriscope for practitioners and for use in iridology research projects.

We have achieved and exceeded the high quality level of iris photos we intended and now supply hundreds of practitioners and schools around the world.

Irislab are an international team of health enthusiasts and skilled IT professionals: 

Matthew D'haemer
Engineer & Naturopath

His practitioner website: www.matthewdhaemer.com


IRISLAB started from a passion for understanding health and life more deeply through the holistic and integrative path to natural health; Iridology is a big part of this.

If you're reading this webpage in detail, my guess is that during your first iridology class, your reaction was something like: "Wow this is amazing". If my guess was correct, this second guess about a reaction you had later on during your course is probably not far off either: "Isn't there something easier than a magnifying glass?".

Ok I'll stop guessing now, however lets agree that seeing the fine details of the iris is not easy. There is so much to see and it's difficult to record that detail.

Ten years ago, iridology equipment was either incredibly expensive or poor quality (or both). With my discovery of Iridology in 2003 I quickly realised that without a more convenient way of being able to analyse irises gaining experience would be slow. Practitioners & students had little access to quality iriscopes, leading them to simply use iridology less often and minimise the opportunities to gain valuable experience. 

Before becoming a Naturopath I worked as an engineer and therefore could see it wasn't rocket science to make a good iriscope. So started my quest to make the best. 


Alexi White
Sales and System Support
Part time with IrisLab to provide sales and customer support, and to provide administrative support to the online systems. 


Florence D'haemer
Part time Assistant and Full Time Mum.
A harmonious blend of professional and parental roles, showcasing skills in multitasking and dedication. Perfect for those inspired by career and family balance.



Mike and Stephie MacDonald
IT Systems and Programmers
Elevate efficiency and collaboration through advanced project management tools. Perfect for professionals aiming for peak productivity and success.



Quimmier Bulatao
Web Developer
Excel in crafting user-friendly websites and apps using cutting-edge technology and design trends for superior online performance. 



International consultants:
We also work with a number of Naturopathic/Complementary Health,  IT & Technical consultants in France, the UK, Ukraine & China.


IRISLAB's support for a green future

Our health & that of the environment.

We're highly aware of the need to live conscious of the effect we have on our planet.
Some of our attempts to have the least negative impact are:
- Using as much as possible recycled packaging or green packaging.
- Shipping when possible by land or request a carbon neutral shipping option.
- Our energy supplier is Good Energy (100% renewable electricity and 50% less carbon footprint with gas.
We're always looking to improve how we work. Please let us know if you have any ideas we could explore.


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