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Upgrade Your IrisExplorer to Version 5.1

Thank You for Your Loyalty

As a valued customer, we're excited to offer you the opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology in iris analysis – no matter the age of your current iriscopes. This upgrade includes our most advanced lighting system, the IrisExplorer version 5.1, designed to enhance client comfort and photo quality.

Please Note: This upgrade offer requires a part exchange of your older model for the new IrisExplorer v5.1 lighting system. Be aware that the upgrade applies solely to the lighting system; cameras and macro lenses are not included.

Is an Upgrade Necessary?

The IrisExplorer v5.1 represents the pinnacle of lighting technology for iridology, offering:

  • Increased Comfort: Tailored lighting reduces brightness for a more comfortable experience.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Noticeably sharper and detailed iris photos across all iris types.
  • Exclusive Features: Access to the burst mode feature for owners of IEv5.

Why Choose to Upgrade?

For over 14 years, our mission has been to craft an iriscope capable of producing the highest quality iris photos with ease. This upgrade is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our appreciation for your continued support, especially our early adopters of versions 1 and 2.

Upgrade Requirements

Take advantage of this offer by sending us your older IrisExplorer model. Upgrading not only provides you access to the latest technology but also includes a new warranty for your IrisExplorer v5.1.

About Shipping and Import Taxes

Please be aware that most countries impose import taxes and administration fees on incoming goods. These costs fall to you, the importer. Failure to cover these fees will result in the product being returned to us, incurring additional charges. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to manage these fees.

Upgrade today and set a new standard in iridology with the IrisExplorer v5.1. Your practice and clients deserve the best.