IEG16 Instructions

IrisExplorer G16 Iriscope Instructions

How to take an iris photo with the IEG16 iriscope:



Set Camera settings:


IEG16 Instructions

How to attach the IE to the camera:

Align the red dots on both the IrisExplore (IE) tube and the camera tube. Press together and turn a 1/4 turn until tight. To take the IE off the camera press the release button (on the bottom right of the front of the camera) and at the same time turn the IE tube 1/4 turn to free the IE from the camera.

IE operation instructions:

  - ON  : Press any of the buttons of the IrisExplorer
  - OFF : Press both buttons of the IrisExplorer at the same time
  - DIM : Press & Hold both buttons of the IrisExplorer at the same time. The light intensity reduces in 1 second steps.

Camera settings:

Camera will be setup for iris photos when you receive it (Mode C1 & C2). If you wish to take personal photos simply use as a normal digital camera (please read the user manual for more details). When ready to be used for iris photos, simply turn the Mode dial to C1 for bright irises or C2 for dark irises. If you need to set/save the camera settings, below are the instructions.

Reset camera : Optional


(not always required, but if you’re not sure, its best to reset completely and start from scratch).

TIME & Date: (if a new camera you will be asked to set these)

TOP DIALM  (Manual)

   - WHITE BALANCE (Cloud)
   - MY COLORS (Custom Color :

              - CONTRAST:        4  I_I_I_I_I
              - SHARPNESS:      4  I_I_I_I_I
              - SATURATION:     4  I_I_I_I_I
              - RED:                    3  I_I_I_I_I
              - GREEN:               3  I_I_I_I_I
              - BLUE:                  3  I_I_I_I_I
              - SKIN TONE:        3  I_I_I_I_I

   - COMPRESSION (Superfine)
   - MOVIE resolution FHD - 60p

ISO: 100

SHUTTER SPEED: 1/60 (turn the wheel on the front of camera)

APERTURE: F4.0 (turn the wheel on the back of camera)

MACRO Focus (Flower)

ZOOM: 4 cm

To change the Zoom amount, pull the [Zoom lever] very briefly. The [Zoom lever] is situated around the [Shutter button]. This can be a little sensitive to try very quick/short presses.


   - AF FRAME (FlexiZone)
   - DIGITAL ZOOM (2x)
   - SERVO AF (Off)
   - Spot AE Point (AF Point)
   - Review image (2sec)
   - IS Settings (Off)
   - SAVE Settings : C1
   - SAVE Settings : C2 (Speed: 1/40 - Aperture: F2.8 - ISO:200)

Each iris is different so these settings might need to be changed dependant on the iris you are going to photograph. Some adjustment will be required if you wish to take a photo with side lighting only.



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