IrisExplorer Instructions - v2 and v3

To Switch ON

Click either one of the buttons only (Left or Right)

To Switch OFF

Click both buttons together 

To DIM the Lights

Click and hold both buttons.

(Light level will go down in steps - 1Step/sec - If the light level is too low, it will switch off)

Lights Flash

Flashing lights means that the battery needs to be changed.

Battery Change

Take out the 2 screws, Open the case and replace the 9v square battery (standard type). Best to use a quality brand.



Dark Photos

LED alignment and direction.

Flash LED (see above, how to change battery)

Check Camera settings

Difficulty Focusing

Check the same elements as "Dark Photos".

Watch the video on how to take the iris photo. Make sure the positioning is good and also allow enough time for the camera to detect and set the focus (Half press the shutter button till the camera beeps). Only after the beep, fully press the shutter button to take the photo.


How to reset LED position