Irislab welcome Emeline Courcelle on the team

Irislab welcome Emeline Courcelle on the team

Hello everyone,

I'm Emeline Courcelle, a naturopath apprentice in France, and I recently joined the Irislab team. Let's introduce myself :)

I'm about to celebrate my 30th birthday at the end of the week (not sure that you care but I do ahah). I'm passionate about holistic health, non violent communication and emotions in particular.

As I have a creative temperament, one of my dream goals is to illustrate naturopathy to popularize health in a poetic way. You can look at my sketches on instagram: @rallumonslesetoiles. I also enjoy a lot taking pictures and I met Matthew because I wanted to photograph irises with the IrisExplorer. I was very excited when we decided to work together !

Emeline Courcelle

Here’s some of my missions at Irislab:

  • helping Matthew to launch the version 5 of the IrisExplorer that is coming very soon (about 5-6 weeks)
  • improving the user experience on the website. You may have noticed that looks a bit different since a few days. We hope you like it ;)
  • translating the help section in French
  • answering any of your questions
  • building a world map to identify the iridologists around the world
  • and much more because we have a lot of surprises coming soon !

So stay tuned ;)

Have a great day,


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