Holistic Approach - Live Training Course


WHY:   Our world is experiencing many changes. On the one hand, advances in technology give us more and more ways to make our lives easier, learn and connect with others. On the other hand, there’s also more divides, ignorance and disconnection.

Current medical technology is already incredible and what will be possible in the next 10 years will look like magic. Advances in Pharmacology, AI, Computing power, nanotechnology, robotics, 3d printing etc... are exponential and I won't be surprised if most health conditions will become “solvable”. A number of well funded silicon valley startups are focused on longevity and it is said that the first person to reach 300+ years old is probably alive today.

I find these advances fascinating and watch this space closely, yet at the same time, many aspects are worrying me.

If we look at health from the holistic perspective that sees illness as the body giving feedback as to what is out of balance, and not just something to solve, then we have a deeper issue. If you cut the warning light in your car that says it’s overheating, then what?

How does this affect the role of holistic health practitioners? Do we become redundant or do we become even more needed? How do we have a meaningful impact then?

Holistic Health


WHAT:   This course is a dive into the foundations of ancient health and life principles. The underlying philosophy of Ayurveda, Chinese and Unani medicine will be our stepping stones.

Many courses are designed to broaden one's knowledge, this course is more focused on deepening the understanding you already have. Looking at aspects of health you already know about from a slightly different angle.

HOW:  Have you ever heard of someone becoming a successful engineer or musician after watching a few video courses?
To ensure comprehensive understanding at different stages you'll be asked to put into practice and report back results. Doing so will unlock the next part of the course. 

The course will be a mix of recordings, live sessions and practical assignmlents with group sharing). (Multiple timezone compatible options will be offered)

WHEN: The course will have multiple starts during the year. More details after you signed up and when we know where you live and what times work best for you.


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