History of the Iriscope

IrisLab started in NZ in 2004 when Matthew D'haemer (founder of IRISLAB) was finishing his naturopathy studies and discovered his passion for iridology.

He moved back to France and created the company PremaLab (2007-2012) to improve the design and quality of the iriscopes.

The current company IRISLAB Limited was opened in the United Kingdom in 2012 to make it easier to further develop the iriscopes and make it easier to reach iridologists around the world. 

We are now making the fourth version of our Iriscope, but for the history student out there, here is a video which gives some information on our developmental journey: 


A little video we made in 2012 on some of the work
we've done to develop the IrisExplorer iriscopes


The design of the IrisExplorer v2