IEG16 Instructions

IrisExplorer G16 Iriscope: Comprehensive User Guide

Learn to capture stunning iris photos with the IrisExplorer G16 (IEG16) iriscope with this detailed guide. Follow the step-by-step instructions for attaching the iriscope to the camera, operating the IrisExplorer, and setting up the camera for optimal iris photography.

How to take an iris photo with the IEG16 iriscope:



Set Camera settings:


IEG16 Instructions

How to Attach the IrisExplorer to Your Camera

  1. Alignment and Attachment: Locate the red dots on the IrisExplorer (IE) tube and the camera tube. Align these dots, press the tubes together, and turn them a quarter turn until tight.
  2. Detachment: To remove the IE from the camera, press the release button located at the bottom right of the camera's front side. While pressing, turn the IE tube a quarter turn to detach it from the camera.

Operating the IrisExplorer

  • Power On: Press any button on the IrisExplorer to turn it on.
  • Power Off: Simultaneously press both buttons on the IrisExplorer.
  • Dimming the Light: Press and hold both buttons simultaneously to reduce light intensity. The light dims in 1-second intervals.

Camera Setup for Iris Photography

Your camera is pre-configured with settings optimal for iris photography (Mode C1 & C2). For personal photography, refer to the camera’s user manual for instructions.

Optional: Reset Camera Settings

  1. Reset: Navigate to MENU → SETTINGS Tab → RESET ALL → OK. This step is optional but recommended if unsure of the current settings.

Setting Time & Date

  • If the camera is new or has been reset, you will be prompted to set the time and date.

Camera Settings for Iris Photos

  1. Mode Selection: Set the TOP DIAL to M (Manual Mode).
  2. Function Set:
    • WHITE BALANCE: Cloud
    • MY COLORS: Custom Color settings as follows:

              - CONTRAST:        4  I_I_I_I_I
              - SHARPNESS:      4  I_I_I_I_I
              - SATURATION:     4  I_I_I_I_I
              - RED:                    3  I_I_I_I_I
              - GREEN:               3  I_I_I_I_I
              - BLUE:                  3  I_I_I_I_I
              - SKIN TONE:        3  I_I_I_I_I

    • COMPRESSION: Superfine
    • MOVIE resolution: FHD - 60p
  1. ISO: Set to 100
  2. Shutter Speed: Adjust to 1/60 using the front wheel of the camera.
  3. Aperture: Set to F4.0 using the rear wheel of the camera.
  4. Focus: Select Macro Focus (Flower icon).
  5. Zoom: Adjust to 4 cm. For zoom adjustments, use short presses of the [Zoom lever] around the [Shutter button].

Additional Camera Configurations

  1. Autofocus and Exposure Settings:
    • AF FRAME: FlexiZone
    • DIGITAL ZOOM: 2x
    • SERVO AF: Off
    • Spot AE Point: AF Point
  2. Image Review and Stabilization:
    • Review image: 2sec
    • IS Settings: Off
  3. Save Settings for both C1 and C2 modes, adjusting as needed for different iris types and lighting conditions:
    • C1 Save Settings: Default
    • C2 Save Settings Adjustment Example: Speed 1/40, Aperture F2.8, ISO 200

Adjusting to the Iris

Each iris photo may require slight adjustments to these settings, especially when using side lighting only. Fine-tune the settings as needed to capture the perfect iris photo.

This comprehensive guide aims to ensure you are well-equipped to use the IrisExplorer G16 iriscope effectively. Enjoy capturing beautiful and detailed iris photographs with ease.