Advanced Iridology Course


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Most of you will agree when I say in most areas of the world greater awareness could be beneficial. Whether we're talking about politics, society issues, ecology, etc... there is an obvious need for a deeper understanding. As health practitioners, it's our role do this in the area of health.

On the one hand, IRISLAB is focused on creating the tools to make iridology practitioners as effective as possible. On the other hand it's crucial for us to deepen our understanding and skills.

Some courses are designed to broaden ones knowledge, in contrast this course is designed to deepen the understanding you already have.

Whilst I was studying naturopathy, I also attended evening classes in the ancient form of Ayurvedic medicine. The underlying principles of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Unani medicine are all linked and gave a structure within which I was able to re-organise and more deeply understand everything I was being taught. 

Every time I've taught an iridology course or given a presentation on this subject, I'm always asked if there are any books or courses on this way of applying iridology.

After promising one for the last few years, here it is.

Course Summary: There are certain life principles that bring about strong and robust health when followed. The knowledge of these principles has been growing and refining itself for thousands of years and is accessible at differing altitudes, depending on one's own skills and perception. These principles are scientific, based upon observation giving results that can be relied on in the same way as the result of 1+1=2.

Without a deep foundation to work from, analyzing an iris and finding the root cause to an illness is like figuring out what to look for but then looking for it in the dark... This course aims to switch the light on.

Course Requirements: Have you ever heard of a someone becoming a successful engineer, painter, musician... after watching a few video courses? Neither have I. To ensure comprehensive understanding at different stages you'll be asked to put into practice and report back results. Doing so will unlock the next part of the course. On 10th of March, there will be a live online session including a discussion and opportunity to answer questions.

What's included: The course will include online videos, a live webinar with Q&A and notes in pdf format.

When: The course will be live in January

(After booking you will receive confirmation and extra instructions.)


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