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Advanced Iriscope Skills

Live Video - 1on1 - Small group


Taking great iris photos can be done by everyone
with the right training and practice

Training promotion image for the 'Advanced Iriscope Skills' course displaying the high quality of iris photos one can take with great training and practice




If you were the size of an ant and you were looking closely at the iris, it would look like a big round pool of translucent jelly and ropes spreading out from the centre. 

It's all in 3 dimensions. Some ropes are closer to the surface and others deeper/lower down. With colour pigments mixed throughout.

Taking a photo of this will collapse all this visual information into 2 dimensions.  

Every person is unique and thus some eyes are easier to capture than others. The training will cover in detail why this is and how to get the best results possible with all types of eyes.

Best results are achieved with good training and practice.


For 15 years I've been assisting practitioners all over the world at all levels of experience with their iridology, holistic health and business growth. These courses are drawn from deeply understanding the challenges of being effective practitioners and making a good living from this passion of helping those needing to get their wellbeing back on track.


The training will be a mix of recordings, live sessions and practical assignments. Small groups using an online video conferencing platform. 
Tips: Best to be in a quiet environment. Please silence your phone notifications and close other applications open on your computer. Lock up your kids, partners and dogs.


The course will have multiple starts during the year. You'll receive more details after you signed up and when we know where you live and what times work best for you.


Training Content:

Level 01:   Expert Iriscope User

  • Prerequisite: Training in health & iridology
  • Camera Settings
  • Camera Handling, iriscope placement
  • Client Guidance
  • Image Management
  • Dark Irises, Inner Pupil Border (IPB)
  • Outside Light & Correct Colour 
  • Sclerology Photos
  • Children & Elderly
  • Sensitive eyes, Tearing
  • Droopy eyelids, small/large/bulging/deep-Set Eyes, Prominent nose
  • Tall/Small Clients
  • Shaky hands / Shaky clients
  • Battery change/recommendations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Interactive Q&A (any topic you need assistance with)
  • Recorded & Live video sessions
  • Special price on the IrisExplorer v5
  • £ 679


Level 02:   Go to the next level

  • Prerequisite: Level 01
  • Camera Setup with specific checking of your camera settings
  • Extra camera features: Wifi link, Manual Focus
  • Advanced Photo Editing (Posters, Marketing, Art)
  • Minimising and removing light reflections in photos
  • Setup a new clinic / practice
  • Holistic Integration of Iridology into consultations
  • Communicate iridology information with Clients
  • Troubleshooting
  • Interactive Q&A (any topic you need assistance with)
  • Recorded & Live video sessions (+ homework)
  • Special price on the IrisExplorer v5
  • £379


Level 03:   Becoming an Expert

  • Prerequisite: Level 02
  • Setup a new clinic
  • Grow your clientele (with and without iridology)
  • Why are some practitioners seen as experts
  • Your relation to money and how to set the right price
  • Thought patterns, habits, people, environments that hold you back and how to go beyond
  • Larger group settings (Eg. Classroom, Demonstrations)
  • Success with Health shows/expos/events
  • Interactive: Bring your iris photos, difficult cases, shared discussion, tips
  • Interactive Q&A (any topic you need assistance with)
  • Recorded & Live video sessions (+ homework & long-term follow-up)
  • Special price on all our equipment
  • Private session to check on progress
  • £379


Offer:   Levels 01, 02 & 03 

  • All levels training pack
  • Includes 1 on 1 sessions where I check how you're doing throughout the training and give you time to learn and ask questions specifically for your needs. The aim is to assist you in your path to becoming the expert you can be.
  • £979


NB: Course content is subject to change to best adapt to your needs and the skills you already have.



Levels 1 and 2 give access to discounted offers on our products. 
Contact us for more details.
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