Tech Consultation & Support Ticket

One of our experienced technicians will analyse/research your request and the possibilities to help find a solution for your specific needs.

  • Research your equipment/setup details
  • Tech support
  • Offer suggestions (or reasons its unlikely to be compatible)

Minor repair: For a consultation for up to 30mins of our technician's time.
Major repair: For a consultation of 30mins or more of our technician's time. (This will most likely require us to send parts to a specialist for repairs)


NB: If equipment or replacement parts are required to find a solution to your needs and if their costs are substantial, these are not included in this ticket (We will try our best to find free or cheap options when possible).

NB : We can't garante a particular setup / equipment (different to the cameras and lenses than we normally recommend) will work unless we have thoroughly tested it in our lab. Our suggestions are in no way a guarantee of success. We will try ur best to help you, this service is none refundable, but we will offer a small discount on our iriscopes if your current equipment turns out not to be compatible. 

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