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Our Lens Selection Process

Refurbished Lens Quality Assurance:

  • Each lens in our collection has been meticulously refurbished and is presented in exceptional condition. We uphold a standard where only lenses that we as practitioners would buy for ourselves and feel confident will continue to work for a long time.
  • The Canon 60mm lens is a scarce commodity since production ceased during COVID. We go to great lengths to curate them from various corners of the globe. Our grading system ensures we offer lenses rated as "Good - 6/10" "Excellent - 8/10" and the seldomly found "Near New - 9/10". Occasionally we will have “Acceptable 4/10 and OK 5/10” that have had a good life previously, but still are very solid and have a lot to give.
  • Notably, with the Full Iriscopes such as the "Iriscope I60 v5.1" and the "IrisExplorer v5.1, full pack with accessories + Canon 60mm Macro Lens," we prioritize dispatching the finest available items from our inventory.

NB: The Canon 60mm lens is built like a tank. I’ve seen many hundreds of lenses over the years, some lenses with sand grinding inside, fungus and glass heavily scratched still able to take top-quality photos where the images had no visible impact. I’m seriously impressed.

Product Variant Conditions Explained:

  • Acceptable - 4/10 & OK - 5/10:
    • Functionality: The lens is fully operational without any internal dust or fungal growth.
    • Aesthetic: The optical glass has no or minimal scratches, while the exterior shows significant signs of usage, including surface marks and rubber elements that have become tacky from handling.
    • Performance: Despite showing signs of previous use, this lens remains a reliable choice for capturing iris photos with assured functionality.
  • Good - 6/10:
    • Functionality: Fully operational with a clean, dust-free, and fungus-free state.
    • Aesthetic: The optical glass remains unscathed, accompanied by an exterior with noticeable usage marks and some wear on the rubber parts.
    • Performance: A testament to careful handling, this lens continues to excel in taking iris photos and promises consistent operational reliability.
  • Very Good - 7/10:
    • Functionality: Impeccable performance with no internal dust or fungal issues.
    • Aesthetic: The glass remains unmarked, with the exterior showing only minor signs of usage and slight wear on the rubber, which is barely tacky.
    • Performance: This lens reflects diligent care in usage, ensuring superb functionality for iris photography.
  • Excellent - 8/10:
    • Functionality: In flawless working condition without any signs of dust or fungus.
    • Aesthetic: The lens sports an almost new appearance with no surface scratches or wear on the rubber components.
    • Performance: With minimal prior use, this lens operates like new, ideal for iris photography, displaying only negligible signs of use upon close examination.
  • Near New - 9/10:
    • Condition: Virtually indistinguishable from a brand-new product.
    • Usage: Barely used, if at all, possibly only having served for a few sample photos.

We take great pride in providing our customers with lenses that not only meet but exceed expectations. Whether you choose a lens that has been well used or one that is nearly new, you can be confident in its quality and reliability for your iridology needs.